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Know your food.

Introduction Although I was planning to do TECH blogging , today I saw a documentary called " What The Health ," and I feel an urgent need to talk about this. Today, the leading cause of death is heart diseases, and as a normal person, I used to think it was mainly due to excessive eating of sugary and fatty diets. But it turns out, that was not the case at all! What we have been taught and presented by media and different health organizations was utterly misleading. Meat think healthy , think again The documentary starts with the World Health Organization classifying processed meat as carcinogenic, just like sausage and bacon. Can you believe it? Processed meat can increase cancer chances by 18%, which is as bad as smoking! And guess what? Even chicken and turkey can be classified as processed meat if they are preserved using certain chemicals. I mean, that kinda makes sense, right? Preserving meat with chemicals can't be good for us. A Troubling Future But the more I wa